Welcome to Heritage Adult Day Center!

Our Social Adult Day Services program is operated in a brand new, state of the art facility located in Rockaway Beach, New York. We offer a specialized program for physically frail elders and people in the early stage of dementia who need assistance with at least one activity of daily living. Our center is based on the philosophy that each individual has a need and capacity for socialization which does not diminish with age; that socialization helps prevent depression, loneliness and premature institutionalization; and that supportive services in a caring environment can enable people with functional impairments to live their lives more fully. Heritage Adult Day Center is a structured group activity program designed to provide meaningful therapeutic and age appropriate activities.

Our goal is to provide a welcoming, home-like setting with warm, friendly, well trained staff and volunteers who support the functioning, safety and dignity of each participant. Our social model program provides a safe environment and fosters social interaction with peers. It encourages homebound individuals to participate in various recreational activities that increase confidence and sharpen cognitive skills.

Research has repeatedly shown that the link between socialization and a senior's mental & physical well-being is becoming increasingly stronger. Studies have consistently shown that socializing may be just as important as physical activity for seniors.

Regular activities are centered around individual needs that include social interaction as well as achievable tasks that improve both cognitive and physical skills. Health issues should by no means prevent a person from enjoying regular and varied activities, and our center has the resources put into place to cater to all.

Our program includes hot nutritious meals and snacks to every participant; exercise programs led by professionals with proper training with the elderly; current event discussions; music for health program; tango & salsa dancing; arts & crafts activities; computer learning programs & ESL; games such as billiards, table tennis, miniature golf, bingo, grooming services, full library, karaoke as well as guest performances by entertainers. We provide daily shuttle transportation to and from our center.