Adult day care centers are a great idea for older adults who are isolated or lonely or who are unable to manage their day to day activities independently. Senior citizens who would like to mingle and socialize with people their own age enjoy spending time at the day care center. At home, their caregivers are relieved of their duties and can have enough time to take care of household or other chores that may also be competing for their time. Day care centers for adults are designed with various activities that promote the wellbeing of the individual through social activities.

We are open during the daytime hours.  Our center creates a cheerful, supportive, and safe environment for the older adults and offers them meals as well. We even accommodate those with special dietary needs and provide nutritious snacks as needed.

Our program is focused on enriching lives of our participants. When evaluating a social adult day center, it is important that you consider services that are being offered.  Some of the activities you can expect to find at our center include:

Arts and Crafts – seniors have an opportunity to participate in our “arts exploration program”.  Fine and performing arts will be explored thru various monthly projects developed and coordinated by our center’s program director.  Participants will be able to expand on their artistic talents thru various activities.

Games for Mental Stimulation – these include card and board games, as well as other mentally stimulating activities

Exercise – gentle exercise and stretching to enhance mobility

Game Room – provides physically stimulating activities targeting increased range of motion and enhances motor skills

Classroom – participants have access to various educational activities, including computer studies

Discussion Groups – those who enjoy a good read can participate in book discussions while those who like knowing what is happening around the world can discuss current events. Watching and discussing films is another activity popular with our participants

Musical Entertainment – includes guest singers and musicians as well as sing-a-long activities

Outings – organized and supervised trips to local parks, museums and other culturally rich events

Celebrations – Birthdays and holidays are a very important part of social interaction.  Our participants enjoy the individual attention during their special day and happily join their peers in celebrating cultural holidays.

Library – our cozy relaxation room offers a variety of interesting books to read at our center or in the convenience of their home

Beauty Parlor  – our female participants enjoy hair and manicure services at our salon

Those who participate in a day care center for adults benefit in many ways. They have a secure and safe place to spend their days, they engage in stimulating and enjoyable activities, and they also get to improve their physical and mental health. Nutritious snacks and meals are served and dietary requirements are taken into consideration. They get to maintain some independence that most elderly people hold dear and in addition to that, they have the support of their peers.